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I have been in and out of fandom for a scarily long time. The Wranduin ship has brought me back to writing after a years-extended hiatus.

I mostly like anti-heroes and villains but sometimes straightforward heroes do it for me. I like dubcon and am interested in the negotiations that happen when one party has significantly more power than the other. But sometimes I write noncon and sometimes consensual sex that delights all participants equally. Once in a while I write genfic and once about every five years I write het. I seem to write a lot of daddy issues, breakfast scenes, more-or-less-straight guys having gay sex, and considerate rapists. I like throwing in memes as half-serious lines.

I have problems remembering and processing numbers and doing basic math. Naturally, I get specific with numbers because I can't not, which leads to numerous fuckups in my writing. I cannot keep Anduin's age straight.

My biggest OTP has been Cable & Deadpool for forever, but Wrathion & Anduin are giving them a serious run for their money.

I love both reading and writing fanfiction. I adore the rush of reading fanworks to experience more of the characters I love so much, whether in strictly canon-like genfic or in outlandishly pervy sexual situations. I love kink memes. I love the excitement of seeing one of my prompts filled and knowing a friend or a like-minded stranger wrote me a thing. And I get the most delicious feels from the sense that I'm providing any of these same pleasurable experiences to other people by writing.


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