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So, I'm Zavoj (pronounced "ZAH-voy"). I also go by Z. :) I am a Civil Engineering major and Spanish minor. It's a very demanding course load. I have been known to disappear for months at a time...

I've been writing off and on since '99. Fanfiction has been part of my life since '05. (I'm currently 20) I love the feeling of creating a story and putting it down on paper. There is nothing more satisfying than completing a story in my opinion.

I am an RI writer. There. I've said it. If this offends you, please find the nearest exit button - back button, minimize button, close browser button, or a link away from this page - and click on it. I do not disrespect you for writing non-canon pairings, slash, canon pairings, or whatever type of fanfiction you write that I may not personally enjoy reading. Extend me the same courtesy. Please and thank you! :)




My stuff is scattered across several accounts, so please don't kill me here because it's posted elsewhere. You will find the majority of my stuff on Lunaescence (because, yes, I am also an RI writer). Here is a link: Shade. Luna is my main account.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I will pick a new project to post once school is out for the semester. I promise. :3

Peace. Z.