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Te, Teland
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My old website, intermittently updated, currently filled with tons of stories which haven't made it here yet.

My dreamwidth journal, intermittently updated, with all sorts of things which will probably *never* make it here, for various reasons. Hint: That's where the drawer-fic is.

My tumblr, intermittently updated, where I post pretties.

What you need to know about me and my fic: 11 years (and counting) in DC fandom has taught me many important lessons, but, by far, the *most* important of those is this: 'Canon' is that collection of occasionally-interesting tidbits of information one uses to enhance one's fannish experience, whether one is a producer of fanworks, a consumer of fanworks, or both. Treating canon as anything more that -- or treating it as anything more *important* than that -- is a recipe for heartbreak, confusion, and strife.

The Alternate Universe tags *plural* are your friends and mine, fellow fancreatures.

Meanwhile, do not put any of my works on any other website without my express prior written permission.