I'm slowly archiving all my fanfiction - some from fanficdotnet, most from Live Journal and others I haven't posted anywhere before now. I decided not to update them at all, I've ignored the errors and clumsy writing (God help me) and just posted them as is. Most of what I write is unbetaed, I don't have people I can call on to beta my mostly New Warrior centric fic so I apologise now for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and cannon flubs.

Feedback is appreciated, good or bad, all I ask is don't be cruel in your critique, it's so unnecessary in a fanfic loving community like this one.

*EDIT* I went through a period of a year where I didn't want to write because I was severely depressed. I'm feeling better so to begin with I'm going to update tags and post old stories that are slashy in nature that I wrote before my year off.

NOTE: All characters are the property of their respective owners and I do not profit from the use of them in any way.