My pseuds:
Silmariën, Starrie_Wolf
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Writer | World-builder | Researcher
Meta is life.
Strong proponent of diverse representation.

Full WIPs list available on Tumblr. Ask/prompt box always open, anon always on.

Standalone projects with extensive worldbuilding:

  • The Butterfly Effect [Bleach] Time travel, a look into the inner workings of Soul Society
  • Distant Worlds [FFVII, FFVIII, Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts] A trilogy that seeks to tie all the disparate SquareEnix franchises into a single continuity
  • City of Symphonies [City of Bones movie] An extension of the "Shadowhunters fight using music" concept
  • Upcoming:
  • Elven Scholar [6 Peter Jackson Tolkien movies] Time travel, concept that elves possess magic
  • Ragnarök [Marvel Cinematic Universe] Canon Rewrite zombie apocalypse

I also do a lot of Secret Santa-style exchanges & gift fics.