Sister Raven Dreamer

My pseuds:
Raven Dreamer, SisterOfWar
I joined on:
I live in:
Earth, or somewhere like it


Blanket Transformative Works policy:
I hereby give blanket permission to transform my works provided a link is provided to the originating work. This includes, but is not limited to, AUs of my work, podfic of my work, or continuation of my work.

Regarding re-podding of any podfics I post: my permission for such is included in the transformative works policy above. However, I cannot give permission on behalf of the creators of the original works, and thus such permissions should be sought from them.

I do love to hear about such transformative works, so letting me know is appreciated, but not required. I am reachable at SisterofWar (at) gmail (dot) com.

Youtube (for my podfics): SisterofWar
Soundcloud (also for podfics): SisterofWar