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I like shiny things and ridiculous story tropes.

Also, I try to warn as much as possible; if I have a story listed as CNTW, further explanation will be given in the story header.

I have a Dreamwidth, a LiveJournal, a Tumblr, and a Pinboard account.


You have my permission (and encouragement) to podfic, translate, illustrate, remix, fanmix, vid, cosplay, or do anything else transformative that you can think of to any public work of fanfiction I have written as the sole original author. All fannish transformative activities are a go. I ask that you credit me as the original author, link to the original, and either give me a link when you're done or link whatever it is to the original under Related Works on AO3 -- because I want to see! (I prefer AO3, if this is an option.)

You do not have my permission to do any of the above things to any co-authored work or translations I have made (unless I also wrote the original), because I cannot grant blanket permission for works that aren't all mine. Don't remix a remix without talking to me (but other things like podfics and translations and illustrations are still fine). If you have a specific request for a co-authored or remixed story, please contact me. Please don't reprint, zine, or rehost any of my work without my permission. Please do not transform any archive-locked work.

But basically, as long as it's not locked and I'm the only author and it's not a translation of someone else's story, transform away. And let me know when you're done!

I would appreciate a heads-up first, but you don't have to contact me beforehand if you are really opposed to doing so. I like knowing what people are working on, though!