remember me for my passion, the paradise i imagined

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Lady Anne Boleyn, Silver_Queen
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→ I'm ladyanneboleyn on LiveJournal, Silver_Queen on Twitter, silver_queen at Dreamwidth, and silverqueen on Tumblr (my primary internets home). Lady Anne Boleyn is my Yuletide pseud for easier matching with my LJ name. I was Little Eirtae at The Pit of Voles, but that place is mostly dead to me now.

→ I don't often respond to brief comments because it makes me feel irrationally awkward, and because I don't like to inflate my own comment count. It's a hang-up I have. I'm sorry. Just know that I read and grin stupidly at every comment I receive. I do try to respond to very detailed comments, however.

→ Please don't hesitate to notify me if you find a mistake in one of my stories. I'm usually my own beta, so any mistakes are totally my own fault.

→ Concrit welcome and encouraged!

→ Icon is Alison Krauss. She is the queen of my life. If you're a fellow fan and you wanna know where the party is, hit me up. I know some people.