Darkness Always Adds A New Kind of Sparkle


I am a writer and a dreamer.

I don't always know what I'm going to write until I start doing it.

I write fan fiction. I write original fiction. I write poetry. I write to write.

I write because I must.

This is my space for all of this.

I also role play quite a lot and at several different places.

I have many muses in my mind and they need an outlet to preserve my sanity.


My Best Friends Or Writing Partners Or Inspirations



My friends only journal on DreamWidth it is Shadowcat, and on InsaneJournal it is Magik.

I have writing journals on three places as well: EternalScribe, DeeperWonderment, and ScribalFires. My DW is the one that gets updated the most often.

I am on Tumblr as Kaetien.