Sara Herbert Watson

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Connecticut, USA
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*shrugs loudly*
I'm a 23 year old autistic Gryffindor who writes, sleeps too much, reads a lot, and cries over cats.
I have a lot of mental stuff going on: Anxiety, Depression, OCD, and Dermatillomania are all my jams, apparently.
Cute girls are my weakness.
Will Graham is my bby and Hannibal's cancellation is still an open wound in my heart.
Mycroft Holmes is also my bby.

kik & snapchat: saraherbie
pinterest: saraherbert37
8tracks: sarawatson
tumblr: watsonisawallflower
Feel free to message me or talk to me or whatever. *heart emoji* Actually, please do because I'm lonely. XD

And about my tags: if I say it's got, say, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson in it, it's platonic. If there's a /, then it's romantic and/or sexual. Idk how other people tag I was just thinking I should say something about it.