My pseuds:
Angel of the North, MagratJ, Sangerin
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I live in:
Southern Hemisphere


Multi-fannish, and inclined towards challenges and communities that encourage multi-fannishness, such as 40fandoms and 52fandoms. Started out close to simultaneously in Star Trek: Voyager and Law & Order, but was monofannish until I started writing West Wing, branching into femslash with the advent of Spooks. My heart will always be with the femslash, even though these days I even dabble in maleslash...

Like many profiles around here right now, this account is very definitely a work in progress. Given that I have 359 fics at last count (including drabbles) it will be a work in progress for quite some time.

NB: "Angel of the North" is not me, she's my co-writer on "Practical Priests" who doesn't otherwise have an AO3 account.