My pseuds:
Liondragon, Sameshima_Shuzumi, Shusu
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鮫島朱墨. Surname|given name. This is mostly as-needed (prn). To my knowledge no one's claimed that pseudonym in over a decade; still, just in case, this is that Shusu and not some other one. Any live-wires beyond may plausibly deny it.

I read and write anything, time permitting. I don't speak in tropes. I like all the Things, but some specific mixes of Things squick me out, listed prn.

Relax. Read up. These works did graduate, or at least intern—they fend for themselves. Enjoy their company! Respond to the piece. Ask, instead conjuring assumptions about me from fiction. Signing the guestbook is so loved, but please don't tell me or my grown fic-kids how we're living.
I do my best to indicate triggers (plus foreshadowing!) but I resist tags. Written work is visual. A brow stamped 'polyamory' can put a damper on the sweet orgy. Adventure away!

That said, labeling and context are a must for my works. I ask that links are responsibly handled with an awareness of one's audience.
E.g.: spoilers, mature content, kids canon watched by kids. (Also remixes.)

As always: unauthorized duplication and distribution is prohibited.

Not keen on the Download option (I fiddle-edit) — for accessibility's sake, download prn and try not to stockpile.
Quote works? Absolutely! Out-of-context? Hell no, and the internet will find you.
Re-hosting, profiting, or plagiarizing? Please do not. (Experience. Not dread.)

A remix policy prn.
Yes, feel free: individual works marked; written permission from author(s); for duration of a remix challenge.
No on works: unfinished; created collaboratively (roleplay, gifts, prompts); archive-locked; expired challenges.
Adaptions to new formats, e.g. podfic, are what I consider to be remixes.
→ Otherwise, please seek permission first.