Pseuds for ReadyPlayerZero

List of Pseuds

  • This is my Harry Potter fandom pseud, based on my longterm username. I fervently ship Draco/Harry, and casually ship Lupin/Snape and George/Luna.

  • Hi.

    I mostly read Marvel (Phil/Clint, Steve/Bucky, Foggy/Matt, Thor/Loki) and Supernatural (Cas/Dean, Gabe/Sam). My bookmarks are organized into collections by fandom/ship, so feel free to peruse. :)

    I mostly write Harry Potter (Draco/Harry), although I've dabbled in Avengers shorts.

    I also read: X-Men (Erik/Charles), Sherlock (JohnLock, BBC or RDJ/JL), WTNV (Carlos/Cecil), and Gundam Wing (Heero/Duo).

    Tumblr: teddylacroix, cas-and-dean, readyplayerzero

  • This is my Marvel fandom pseud, based on my Tumblr username (as it's mostly a Marvel blog). Here you will find very few writings but quite a lot of bookmarks:
    - Phil Coulson/Clint Barton (this is the overwhelming majority)
    - Steve/Bucky
    - Wade/Peter
    - Foggy/Matt
    - Thor/Loki
    - And a few miscellaneous fics that may contain Steve/Tony, Frank/Foggy, Steve/Natasha, Phil/Steve, Tony/Pepper, Phil/Jarvis, etc., or shipless gen fics.