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I play bass guitar, write, listen to music on my iPod and love my long-haired Chihuahua. Furthermore, I'm a college student with no decided major. I swear I'll find one. Eventually. Hopefully.

I also post my work under 'RainbowSheltie' on - it has all my anime stories, but Adommy wise, I don't post all my stories there.

I. Love. To. Procrastinate. If I start a story, if it's not a one-shot, it's anybodies guess if I'll actually finish it.

Oh, and all my stories tend to feature angst, D/s (to varying degrees), hurt/comfort and at least one fucked up main character because no, apparently I can't write my main pairing as both healthly, able-bodied peoples. I love my main pairings like that though, so, there you go.