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I play bass guitar, write, listen to music on my iPod and love my long-haired Chihuahua. Furthermore, I'm a college student with no decided major. I swear I'll find one. Eventually. Hopefully.

I also post my work under 'RainbowSheltie' on - it has all my writing so far, so you should check there for other works.

I. Love. To. Procrastinate. If I start a story, if it's not a one-shot, it's anybodies guess if I'll actually finish it. You can try to message me or leave comments about it, though I'm more likly to consider it if you message me directly.

Oh, and all my stories tend to feature angst, D/s (to varying degrees), hurt/comfort and at least one fucked up main character. Because no, apparently I can't write my main pairing as both healthly, able-bodied peoples. I love my main pairings like that though, so, there you go.