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Marfisa, Rahenna
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Hello humans! I'm Rahenna and I'll be posting my finished Gakuen Heaven fics here. The second game is my favorite by far, so almost everything I write is for GH2. Sorry. :p

If you want to know more about Gakuen Heaven 2 (and GH as well), please visit my fansite for game translations and summaries: welcome to Heaven

If you're like who the fuck is Professor Sakaki?!? then my character site will help: Adults Always Lie

♥ My OTPs are Kazuki/Keita and Sakaki/Yuki! ♥ ...so that's mostly what I write, haha. I'll probably end up scribbling about Joker/Sonoda, Sakaki/Nao, and Nao→Sakaki as well.