all your faves are queer

My pseuds:
Femenemity, PuggleFiclets, Pugglemuggle, PugglePodfics
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Seattle, Washington
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Hi! I'm just a fic writer who likes dumb boys being dumb. You can call me Ruby. I use she/her pronouns.

I'm sort of an eclectic writer. My shorter works tend to be fluff, written with cuteness and comedy in mind. My longer works are typically written in a more abstract and unpredictable style. Tl;dr: my fluff is nothing like my angst. You've been warned.

If you see typos in my work, PLEASE tell me! You can comment or send me a message over tumblr. Speaking of tumblr....

You can find me on tumblr here. Please feel free to send me an ask or a message!

I love transformative works! I give blanket permission for you to do podfics/translations/remixes/etc. of my fanfiction. I do request, however, that you please link back to the original. It would also be nice if you would send me a link as well just so I can cry tears of joy over your work and credit you in the original.

Icon credit goes to beardysteve.