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I, like most non-professional writers, love to write but have very little time to do so. I love getting prompts for fics, but please take note that the story can take years to be written (I am not even kidding). I have several sequels and other WIPs that have been in-progress for years. I haven't given up on them, but I have no idea when I'll be done with them.

If you're curious about what I write that's not fanfiction, I have a blog for my original stories set up over on dreamwidth. Among other things my story "How to sway them" that I had posted here as been moved there.

Quick explanation of my username:
Once upon a time 14-year-old me liked to pick the username "Insane" and didn't realize why that was very problematic and not okay at all. I switched to nonesane as a callback to that; a sort of 'remember you say and do problematic things, work on not doing that'. It's my very own daily "check yourself"-reminder.