the chronicle of wasted time

My pseuds:
Niki, niki_chidon
I joined on:


Some of my older fan fiction is still only available on LiveJournal, and I might never get it transferred here.

Transformative Works Policy:

I have hesitated to put this up because I can't believe anyone would ever want to do anything with my stuff. That said, if you do want to: I am super flattered, go ahead, create podfic or art or remixes, and I hope you have fun! I would of course love a link afterwards (to cuddle and squee over).

The only thing I ask you to contact me in advance about is writing sequels or spin-offs, because I might be working on something myself. (You can do this by commenting on the story in question, or contacting me via LJ.)

Feel free to contact me about other stuff too, like if you need to change something for podding purposes, or need a reference for pronouncing some foreign words or names, for example.