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    This is an alternate-canon AU, exploring how events would have unfolded for Sam and Dean with a change that happens in the middle of the events of the first season, and how that one thing can change the balance of power. Taking a page from the "What If?" theory of alternate history, this AU strives to keep things in-character at all times, while also exploring how things could have been different (also serving the purpose of giving Sam and Dean some good to counterbalance the neverending crap that constantly gets thrown their way). Also qualifies as a "fix-it" series, if that's your thing. All SPN characters and plot points are copyright Eric Kripke et al, but Jayme and her people, their language and history, are solely my creation. Various elements of this series are wholly due to the awesome Enola Jones, who has helped me immeasurably when I get stuck and is always there to keep my inner-Dean-voice honest.

    All stories contain spoilers up to and including episodes (if any) they're based on. Other spoilers for future episodes will be noted in each story summary. Read at your own risk.

  2. Summary

    Inspired by a picture, this series explores the path of "that band in the beach house" if they had been given very special abilities that will change the course of their lives. It follows the path of the episodes following Monkees Chow Mein and how events would have been different, and how they deal with gaining a ruthless nemesis known only as "Mistress." Co-written with the eminent Monkees author Enola Jones. And yes, I am the original author, bringing this series to a new forum.