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My three great loves are my camera, my husband, and Audrey Hepburn movies. My DVR is stocked up on Robot Chicken, UFC, Glee, and Future Weapons. My birthday is the day before Valentine's, but I'm allergic to chocolate. I'm an incurable romantic (got my husband's name tattooed on my forearm, never take off my wedding band, always go out somewhere special on his birthday) and have now been mistaken for a Hulkling cosplayer a total of nine times (and actually cosplayed as him twice).

I write mostly slash, and in several different fandoms. I'm allergic to Mary Sues and most canon Marvel or DC couples. I like dark, quirky characters and bizarre AUs. I write emotional roller-coasters. I kill off popular characters at a rate somewhere between J.K. Rowling and Michael Bay. I feed you sad: you will nom teh sad and like it.

All that being said, I can only describe my writing style the way I did in a Fanfic Writers Meme on deviantART... "Take some [William] Gibson, a dash of [Neal] Stephenson, a little [Quentin] Tarantino, a sprinkle of Michael Bay...make the anti-heroes the protagonists, burn the damsels at the stake, and rewrite about 30% of it with inordinate attention to the vocabulary."

FAIR WARNING: I write out-of-order in sweeping arcs rather than chaptered stories, so expect to find new chapters inserted into strange places.

My fics can also be found on deviantART, on LiveJournal, and on New fics, WIPs, and scrapped scenes can also be found on my tumblr.