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Well hello there lovelies! Thanks for reading this first of all. As you can tell, I write mainly Harry Potter fanfic. Like many aspiring authors, I need support, and encouragement. If you leave me a negative comment, you are fueling me to continue writing, my friend. Aside from writing, I enjoy reading, exploring the world around me, drinking coffee/tea, watching Doctor Who while sobbing, sleeping, and writing...oh right, I already said that. I have a best friend and a boyfriend who are very supportive of my writing, and that means the world to me. You can find me on fanfiction.net at Lauricula. Booksie- Lauricula (no fandom writings posted). Deviant art- Laur-icula. HarryPotterFanfiction- Lauricula. If you have trouble finding me, just let me know! I hope you enjoy my writings as much as I enjoy writing them! Thank you again for reading this ^.^