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24 year old graduate with a bachelor's degree (in anthropology), in love with the works of Tolkien.

In terms of what I write, the vast majority of it is in the Silmarillion fandom, with brief forays into the other books by Tolkien, Harry Potter, and various other books. I roleplay as Dior, Namo, and Luna Lovegood on Twitter, Celeborn in a private rp, and Orodreth over on deviantArt. I have a serious love for Orodreth, the House of Elmo (especially Celeborn and Nimloth - plus Thranduil, who in my universe is Celeborn's nephew), the House of FĂ«anor, and the House of Fingolfin. From later ages, Imrahil and Faramir hold my heart, as well as Gildor and Lindir. If you run across LadyBrooke or LadyBrookeCelebwen on the web in the Tolkien fandom, it's probably me.

I also tend to write stories about smaller, lesser known characters, like Faramir's great-great-grandfather. Feel free to laugh about that. :P