My pseuds:
dillydilly, Kess
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I live in:
Melbourne, Australia


Hi, my name is Kess and I live in Australia, have a pet rabbit named Akiva Gedalia Gdi, or Kivi for short, and I podfic things.

You can find me as Kess-Kay on Skype, dreamwidth, twitter and livejournal, and at and at Feel free to contact me ! :)

Huge thanks to Paraka for hosting my podfic :)

To authors that I've asked for pod-permission: I give a 100% guarantee that any podfic I post will link back to the original text and to your ao3 profile (or tumblr, or DW or LJ or wherever your fic resides) and you will be notified when I post the podfic.

As a note: I give blanket permission for transformative works of my contributions to fandom and fiction. All I ask is a) that you credit me in some way (it can be as simple as an 'inspired by' on ao3) b) that you let me know that you're doing something with my work (so I can flail in joy at it) and c) that you don't take credit for my work or post it in other places without my permission

My stance on repodding is: DO IT OH MY GOD YES DO IT and then link me so i can listen :D
I don't REQUIRE that you get in contact with me if you're repodding something I've done, though it would be nice! I tend to record things because I want to listen to them, so having a break from my own voice is always welcome lol

I love Anders and Oikawa Tooru