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London, UK


book & language nerd, bilingual in German and English, fanfiction author since 2001, appreciates sarcasm and dark humour.

I do love leaving comments on stories and I'm always dead honest with my constructive criticism, especially regarding grammar mistakes or in-character things as I'm just a bit of a nerd when it comes to that.

In my works I'm always using the third-person omniscient perspective which I really love as I always want to give readers an insight of every character.

I like the Harry Potter books, the BBC Sherlock series, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and the whole fantasy business that keeps me sane.

If you need a Brit-picker or a betareader I'm more than willing to help if it's the Sherlock, Harry Potter or Tolkien genre. Don't be shy. Just send me a comment. :D I take my job at betareading very serious.

This is my tumblr.
My beta work:
No Stranger to the Cold (on hiatus) by objetpetita
The Selkie's Song by twistedthicket1
Memories (on hiatus) by PeachTart
The greatest secret of all by TooManyChoices
It'll Earl be okay by hannahrieu
The Case of the Dancing Cameras by Kr_NI
Several stories for JayEz, Linnet and alexisriversong.