I like bees, books, and complicated people.

I read omnivorously. I write in a narrow spectrum.

I like to work under the assumption that all narrators are unreliable. Perceptual filters intrigue me.

I enjoy the work of decadent poets, scientists, symbolists, naturalists, Victorian adventure novelists, and decent science fiction writers. There is something to be said for a well-worded toothpaste tube in a crunch.

I keep bees, write, paint, sculpt, and outfit dancers, singers, and actors in various forms of finery. I was a classicist, and I will probably never recover.

If you want to do something with my work, ask first, but know that I am likely to be delighted. I am perpetually astounded and charmed by my readers.

Comments are the breath of life. Criticism is essential to improvement. I appreciate your thoughts, and I will endeavour to be better at leaving comments for others, as I should.