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Female, USA, broke college student just writing for fun. I make no guarantees about what's coming next, because I don't know myself--I almost always have works-in-progress hiding on my computer, but the muse is fickle.

I have an old account over on from when I was young and innocent--while it's now a secondary account I don't post to, there are still works housed there, and I do check it for responses. Works for a weird selection of assorted fandoms/pairings live there, but if you like my work and don't hate that format toooo much, check that out!

Every reader, every encouragement and comment and kudos mean so much to me. I do see and appreciate every single one, and I try to reply to all the comments I get--but of course, sometimes real life has me busy, so it may take a few days! Thank you for your support.

My Tumblr, I welcome conversation, input, and ideas!