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I've been at FF.net for years and am getting back into FF writing. I'm several places, but I want this to be a hub for all my writing. I also do that real world writing thing -- the Dvorak series is my own, and if you enjoy my work here, I'd be flattered if you checked it out. (Any Dvorak stories here on AO3 are all fanfiction and are not in the QWERTYverse. In addition, I have a habit of applying string theory to fanfictions that have nothing to do with Dvorak. If you write Dvorak fanfiction, tag it so I can find it, and I may love you forever.)

I mostly do writing for Pokemon but can write for anime/manga and certain games. I love one-shot requests and rarepairs! My personal work is usually longer/more epic in style; I have a SIWS Digimon fic I've been working on for decades that I'm not sure if I should post here. Perhaps you all can convince me?

SIWS = Self Insert With Style. I actually ADVOCATE inserting yourself into universes, because you can, because it's fun! If you want me to read your self-insert, let me know! (Note that I say 'self insert' and not 'Mary Sue' - there is a difference.) Self inserts I like get tagged "Self Insert With Style" so I can keep track of them.