Work In Progress

My pseuds:
Gray Cardinal, Gray_Cardinal
I joined on:
I live in:
Oregon, USA


I am the very model of eclectic fanfic-writing shtick (and that's as much faux Gilbert & Sullivan as is good for me at one go). It will take awhile, but eventually I hope to accumulate all of my scattered fannish works here.

As regards remixes, spinoffs, and podfic of my work: with a very few exceptions, noted below, you are very welcome to create any of these. My only request is that if you do commit any of the above, please do (a) link to the original version here, and (b) let me know so that I can squee accordingly (and link back).

The exceptions: (1) I have a few works here that are not yet complete; please ask before adapting any of these. (2) Where my own work is a remix or extension of another person's work (most notably "Career Day"), please be sure to obtain the original author's blessing before you proceed.