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Main fandoms: The Dresden Files (books and TV -- current), ASOIAF/A Game of Thrones (TV) (current!), Shakespeare (current), Discworld (current), Fairy Tales (current), Harry Potter (on and off, but the bulk of the stories were written as each book was, so fair warning--they were canon-compliant when written but aren't all that compliant now), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (still love it but no longer writing for it), Highlander the Series (still love it but no longer writing for it), Star Trek TOS (still love it but no longer writing for it). Also, a lot of Yuletide-sized fandoms. If it's tiny, there's a good chance I liked it enough to write at least one story in it.

Oh, and I love MST3K. SFDebris, Brows Held High, Chez Apocalypse, and Atop the Fourth Wall.

Otherwise: I'm a disabled freelance editor. I love women being awesome, crossovers, alternate universes, crack, characters suffering consequences for their actions, and worldbuilding. I've been on the Internet since 1998. Wow, I feel old.

Most of my older fic is over at Skyehawke; a little was cross-posted to the Unknowable Room (Harry Potter) and to NineMuses, a Dresden Files Archive. My very oldest stuff is at Seventh Dimension -- The Highlander Fanfic Archive.

Other data: You can find me at LJ, Dreamwidth and Tumblr. I have a Twitter, which I dislike because I can't say what I want to say in so few characters. I'm also terrified of being misunderstood, so most of the time I don't tweet anything but links to petitions. (Fair warning, there.)