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I'm a reader of many fandoms and a writer of several, but I'm also getting into new ones. In case you want to rec me anything, here is a list of my fave/squicky fic tropes:

Stuff I Love
-Historical AU's of any kind
-Arranged marriage
-Courtship/chaste romances
-Mating/bonding rituals
-Age differences
-Noir AU
-Dom/Sub (smutty or emotional, any and all)
-College/University AU
-Punk/musician/tattoo shop AU

Stuff I Usually Pass On
-Genderswap/Rule 63 (I know these terms can be problematic...but you guys know what I mean)
-Prison AU (anything that has to do with prison, actually)
-Mpreg (if it is done really well I can deal, but I was never a fan)
-Anything with non-con/slavery themes
-Gags/blindfolds/sensory deprivation

Really, I'll give anything a try if you rec it to me. I do not have any triggers, but if there is a scene in your fic that includes an explicit vomiting scene, a warning is appreciated.

Personal Links
-My Tumblr, a multi-fandom blog that features most of the fandoms I write fic for.
-My Livejournal--used mainly as an archiving blog for my fic recs for all fandoms. I have a few LJ community/contest themed fics on there, but they are all cross-posted here. I'm also working on getting my recs shifted to Tumblr.
-My 8tracks page, where I have a few fanmixes and fanmix recs. If you want a fanmix for your fic, let me know, I freakin' love making them!