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Want to find me somewhere else? I'm loaded_march over on Livejournal and insanewordcount on Tumblr.

I've been asked this a lot, so I'll just say it here. I absolutely love fanworks of any kind based on anything that I write. If something I've done inspires you, I consider that to be a tremendous compliment. You don't need to ask my permission, but I only ask that if you post it somewhere, you link back to the original work and that you let me know, so that I can share it with others!

Now for the legal: Everything I write is a work of fan love and I don't make profit from it.

Additionally, I absolutely DO NOT give permission to any person, entity, animal, religious construct, corporation or talking dog to add my fanworks to any site —ANY SITE— without my express permission, including but not limited to GoodReads. I love that you love my work, but please respect my wishes in this regard.