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FabulaRasa, Mercredi
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This is the home of all of my fanfic, in a variety of fandoms. I am fabula-unica on tumblr. My current fannish obsession is the DC Comics Universe, and my favorite pairings are Batman/Green Lantern and Batman/Superman. Basically, Batman. Batfamily stuff is the heart of DC, for me.

Self-indulgently, I think some of my best work is in more obscure fandoms. As for favorite stories, I'm torn between Kings of the Air (Top Gun) and War Criminals (West Wing); those are probably the most polished works, and (I hope) most representative of the kind of writer I aspire to be. To that list I would now add my most recent work, Sex Music (Spotlight).

Caveat number one: I began my fannish life as a Harry Potter writer, and the great majority of my stories were written during that long gap between Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix. Thus, those stories are full of my ideas about the characters, and those proved in many instances to be very different from Rowling's. (Like, for instance, I thought that maybe my favorite characters should not all end up DEAD.) So if you're looking for stories that are post-OotP compliant, be forewarned these are not those.

Caveat number two: Writing HP fanfic was very much where I learned the craft of writing, so there is huge variation in quality in those stories. If pressed about the best quality of writing, I would probably say Rats' Alley or Stone Cold Sober are the best and most polished of the HP, but I would hope that there's still good stuff buried even in my earliest attempt (and no, I'm not going to tell you which one that is.)

Caveat number three: I don't trigger warn. There are complicated reasons for that which I'm happy to say more about, but the short of it is that reading fiction is a dangerous business, and I can't make it safer. If flying without a net is not your thing, I understand if my work is not your thing either.