My pseuds:
Edo no Hana, Edonohana
I joined on:
I live in:
Los Angeles, CA, USA


I also write professionally, as Rachel Manija Brown.

If you're here because of "No Reservations: Narnia," I should mention that my memoir has a fair amount of food description. You can buy it from Amazon, or from me directly (and for cheaper. And autographed.) Amazon link is here: All the Fishes Come Home to Roost: An American Misfit in India. To order from me, email me at Rphoenix2 at gmail.

I have an original novelette in the lesbian steampunk anthology Steam-Powered. My story, "Steel Rider," while not technically fanfic, was described by reviewers as a lesbian steampunk Gundam western.

My post-apocalyptic YA novel, Stranger, is forthcoming from Viking in 2014. It's co-written with Sherwood Smith, and also has lots of food description. Don't worry, it's not the sort of apocalypse that involves cannibalism. ;)