Cute, but deadly.

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I write fic and like horses.

Transformative Works Policy: Remixes, podfics, fanart, covers, podbooks, gifsets, translations, vids, sequels, prequels, inspired-bys and any other form of transformative works based on my stories are all okay with me. You don't need to ask me first (though in the case of sequels/prequels etc it's probably a good idea to check and make sure I'm not working on one myself). I would love it if you give me a heads up so I can link to it and adore you forever (the AO3 related work notification is fine!) and just in general I am friendly, and happy to talk to other fans, in case initiating contact makes you feel anxious. Despite my name, I am a marshmallow. <3

(Last updated 5/5/2013)