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I reply to comments compulsively, if not always promptly, and I am happy to receive feedback on anything, whether the fic is old or new, the feedback positive or negative. I am very fond of complicated people, love stories, and happy endings. I also post my fics at damkianna on DW, but everything there is also posted here. Feel free to contact me on DW, Tumblr (also damkianna), or at my fannish email for any reason, at any time.

I don't really feel you need to ask me before podficcing, remixing, critiqueing, translating, or making art based on my fanworks (although I'd love it if you'd share a link to the end result!). Consider this blanket permission—though of course if asking makes you feel more comfortable with the idea, don't hesitate to. I will do my best to use warnings thoughtfully and appropriately, but do absolutely let me know if I have failed to warn when I should have, and feel free to ask me if you aren't sure whether something of mine is safely viewable for you.

A note on bookmarks: I bookmark things I genuinely fear I might not be able to find again without the bookmark. Since gifts given to me, fics I've recced on my DW, fandom favorites, and works by big-name fannish authors I'm already familiar with don't fall into that category, I typically do not bookmark them—this shouldn't be taken as an indicator that any rec lists I put together or comments I leave are insincere! It's just not how I personally use the bookmark function.