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Congratulations onto making into onto my profile page! I don't know why you're here, as you can tell I don't post any fanfics of my own. I created this profile just so I can show my appreciation to the actual writers on this site and how much I love their stories. I do write though, i just can't get past the first page (200 words or so) withought getting bored or hating the idea.

I have an account on both and DevianArt; same username for both (though with either a " - ", " _ " or neither between Dame and Dreygur.

I have completely finished high school, woooo go me~! but don't expect me to suddenly be posting fanfics of my own suddenly :P

I am obsessed with reading Harry Potter and Teen Wolf fanfictions, as well as crossovers, whether they make sense or not. My love for yaoi knows no bounds and my favourite tags are Alpha/Omega and Creature!Characters.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant and go forth and read all my faves on this site, and if I ever do get around to posting something, I hope you'll give it a chance!