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ChelesNoir, Chelia-Ren
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ffnet pseud: Cheles Noir
Destiny's Gateway Romance Fanfiction Archives: Chelia Ren
I guess I'm a casual writer. So far, I'm only writing one-shots, but one day I will venture forth to write multi-chapter fanfics. Squall and Rinoa of FFVIII were the ones to inspire me to write fanfiction, so all of my fanfics on ChelesNoir center around the two, in all kinds of universes. My other pseud, Chelia-Ren, holds my more "explicit" stories and stories of other fandoms.

Stories are, unfortunately, few and far between as life always gets in the way.
Enjoy what stories I have posted however. :)

Oh, and thank you readers! I'm very happy for the people that read my work and even more happy for any reviews or kudos I get on either FFnet or here. It really makes my day. So kudos to you! :)