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Cambridge, UK


British, male, 6' 4", blond and blue, smoker, ailurophile, professional academic in English, Commonwealth, & American lit., published critic, melancholic, pedant, punctuationist.

Also on LiveJournal and FFN, also as Bracketyjack.

I've published essays on genre fiction, including Lois McMaster Bujold, in two collections -- Of Modern Dragons and other essays on genre fiction and Of Sex and Faerie: Further essays on genre fiction -- available from (PDF, PoD) and on Kindle. Also on Kindle are self-published long essays on E. L. James (boo), Tolkien (yay), and David Weber (mmm), as well as a full-length study of Mock-death in Shakespeare's Plays.

And I edit the genre fiction monographs series for HEB, so anyone interested in writing non-fictionally about SF&F, crime, YA fantasy, children's lit., romance &c. is very welcome to contact me by a review here, by PM on FFN, or on LJ.