General Insanity

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I am a fangirl with fangirl friends and more plot bunnies than I know what to do with. Most of these do not pan out. I use the same username on

Thoughts on Fandoms:

HP: Dumbledore is hiding something, Draco is a brat, Snape is an irredeemable bully, Ginny is a crazed fangirl, Ron is a prat, Umbridge is in serious default at the Karma Bank, Hermione is awesome. Harmony, Neville/Luna, Lupin/Tonks.

RWBY: Amazing, JNPR is best. Breakfast, Arkos.

APH: Hilarious. UsUk, PruCan, PruHun, LietPol, SuFin

HG: Johanna is best.

Singular Menace: Chilling series.

FT: NaLu, ElfEver, Fraxus, LaMi, Freed/Mira, Jerza, GaLe