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Currently in the process of moving my 2003-2005 output from (West Wing, Firefly and Harry Potter) and the 2005-present output from LJ (too many to count but including West Wing, House, Star Trek, Whoverse and Merlin).

My journal is currently on Dreamwidth. BlackEyedGirl has been my main fannish pseud since I started writing, though it's black_eyedgirl on LJ and was briefly callygal on

You can find me on tumblr at blackeyedgirl-writes

Policy on transformative works:
If you would like to remix, translate, make podfic or art, or otherwise produce a transformative work of anything here, please do so! I would very much appreciate being sent a link to your work when you're done. Please credit me as author of the work being transformed and include a link back.

A Note on Comments: For various reasons, I may not respond to comments. I love and treasure every piece of feedback I get and they are a lot of my motivation to keep posting. But I have a limited amount of energy for social interaction and often I'll choose to write 1000 words of fic instead of struggling to pull together one 'thank you' comment-reply. I hope this doesn't dissuade anyone from commenting - please be assured that the 'thank you' I didn't write was sincere, heart-felt and squeeful. I do try and respond to any specific queries or critique/problems raised with the fic. Thank you :)