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BatchSan, Hamimifk, Valie
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New York
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My name is Bat, amongst other things but I use Bat a lot. I've been writing fanfiction since I was 15 years old (and original fiction since I was 9) and aspire to one day become good enough to write a novel that I can show off to my family with much pride (but it'll probably have lesbians in it so that might be a bit awkward).

My interests with writing tends to focus on background information, because a person's past is fascinating to me and in fandom gives me the opportunity to understand my favorite characters better (also why I enjoy writing AU fics). I also write a lot of angsty and dark fics but not because I'm a doom and gloom sort, quite the contrary, they simply come naturally and easily to me. As well, I'm not afraid of writing the darker aspects of life and enjoy exploring them because they challenge me with the need to find out what my limits are and how sturdy those limits really are. I also like smut. A lot. ^^;

Pairings in my fics range easily from femslash to het to slash and bisexual threesomes as I view love as not something that gender can hinder nor deny. Also, I never mean to offend or freak out anyone with my writing, hence why I tag everything heavily to avoid these things. I just like stretching my wings with my writing. I only aim to entertain others with my works and become a better writer at the same time (so you may notice some fics are a lot better with punctuation and style then others). I hope you enjoy my work and if you don't, I'm still improving. =3

My work is archived throughout many places on the internet, but the primary places are (valie), (hamimifk), (hamimi_fk), and (batchsan). And now I spend a lot of time on Tumblr! Find me at Batchsan (primarily art and fics) or Bat-san (full of fandom squees)!