Shameless Smutpeddler

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The name's Jack! Nice to meet ya.

Like my podfics? I'm open to requests and suggestions of fic to record! Complete details here.


I'm on twitter, dreamwidth, and tumblr as AshesandGhostFF.

Favored fandoms:
Hockey RPF
Silent Hill
Due South
Welcome to Night Vale

I mostly read short & shippy fic, and I pretty much only write smut. I've been told I'm sort of ok at it.
If a kink exists, I probably like it. Or at least have researched it.

Transformative Works Policy! If you're interested in podficcing/remixing/etc anything I've written, please feel free to do so, under the conditions that you a) link back to the original work and b) give me credit for the original work. Also, if you'd like to message me about it (here or on twitter or tumblr), that would be awesome.

Repods! Want to podfic something I've already recorded? Fantastic! I'm 100% for it! I'd love to hear your version.