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Middle of Nowhere
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NOTE: All of my old stuff can be found under the name GlitterAndDoom now. It's not gone; it's just been moved. 

I am absolutely HORRIBLE at replying to comments on things because my mental health sucks, but I love them anyway. I go by ArgylePirateWD/argylepiratewd pretty much everywhere that matters (though I've stopped using my @ArgylePirateWD Twitter account and have switched to @Sun_Shroom full-time, and I usually go by DoubleyouDee on Imzy).

And I self-publish fluffy F/M erotica on Amazon under the name W. Dawes.

Feel free to do any of these things involving my works (fanfic and original) without asking for my permission:

  • Translate my works into other languages
  • Create remixes of my works
  • Write sequels to my works
  • Make artwork based on my works
  • Create podfics of my works - I won't be listening, but you're still welcome to do it.
  • Create other Fun Artsy Things based on my works

Please don't:

  • Archive any of my works on another site without my permission
  • Use my works for academic or journalistic purposes without my permission
  • Connect my fannish works or activities to my RL name/identity, if you happen to know it
  • Change the wording of one of my stories if you're podficcing it, unless I've screwed up somewhere.