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You can find me on tumblr; I don't bite! You can also find small snippets of writing that did not make it to this account here (also on my tumblr).

Transformative Works policy--if you read something I've written, and it inspires you to do anything, from podfic to fic, music to art, you may use my stories as inspiration, definitely! Please do link back to my story when you post your work and give me a link; you don't know how happy it makes me when people like my stuff enough to do things based off of them. :D

The only exception I can think of is sequels to my works; a lot of my works have large backstories I never actually publish. If you want to do a sequel of one of my works, please email me first at roletobeplayed (at) gmail (dotcom). Thank you so much!

Finally, the works posted here or anywhere by me under my pseudonym AngeNoir, or L'Ange Noir, or outercorner, or any variation on those names, are under no circumstances to be reposted anywhere without my permission.