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    A wise man said, "War never changes." He was right, of course. After decades of wars over the scraps of the world, humanity finally had the guts to end what it had began. As nuclear warheads flew overhead, the world, as it was once known as, was decimated. But in the Texas Commonwealth, the Vaults were never built, as Texas was not considered suitable as subjects for the malicious tests of Vault-Tec. Also, it seems that most of the vast countryside never truly felt the full force. But that didn't stop the radiation. In this strange land, an uneasy fellowship was forged in the form of the friendship of Glides-On-Ruin, Javier Crowe, Eli Toppins, and Max Gersten. It is a strange wonder how they ever became loyal friends. A pacifist tribal, determined to save his tribes. An ex-raider, counting how many days until he kills again, and keeping track of his high scores. A burnt up narcissist with a thirst for revenge. And a ghoul with a knife, a bottle of expired mustard, and a love for human flesh. Now, they're headed north for unknown lands, for unknown dangers save for one. To help a friend in need.



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