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    This is based on a tumblr post (link in the notes below...) The idea I had was that the groups are made up of immortals (not all kpop idols; some are, some aren't). Only all of a sudden Hakyeon gets this message that he's wanted on a conference call just as Leo storms in, slamming the door and disappearing off to who knows where...

    And he answers the call, and it's some of the other leaders (I was thinking of Donghyun and a few of the other leaders) and Donghyun could be like CAN YOU GET THAT BRAT OF YOURS TO STOP THIS INSANITY. Since Hakyeon clearly has no idea what's going on, he's informed that Jaehwan and a bunch of the others have suddenly popped up out of nowhere when they weren't supposed to, and what is he going to do about it? And that oh by the way, it was Jaehwan's idea...

    They have to call poor Ryeowook to get him to get Heechul to stop messing around etc. cuz they've called Kyuhyun who is all munching the metaphorical popcorn and watching the show, so to speak and couldn't give a shit, like the git he is. *evil grin*

    And so that was when I wrote this... thing. Or started to, anyway. It's gonna be long, and hopefully crackish. *grins* :D



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