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    Mickey's just being Mickey as a part-time cop as usual and is fighting against Pete who has teamed up with Emile Eagle, an evil scientist (from the comics). So Mickey teams up with his cousin Manfred to even the odds, thing is Emile hits them with a laser beam that sends the two mice back in time. They wind up far back enough before they even moved to Mouseton and WAY before Mickey met Minnie as they spot a younger Minnie and Daisy across from where they ended up. Not knowing how to get back to their own time for the moment, they take a lunch break, nixing the logic of staying away from the past versions of their friends in favor of keeping themselves from making eye contact and simply eating in a diner that's been out of business for years in their present time for sake of nostalgia. Then they spot a jukebox that has three plays for a dollar, and remember a joke that a comedian admitted he pulled with a friend of his, so Mickey and his cousin have fun with it and pull the same joke since it was harmless enough that it wouldn't mess with the time space continuum too much.



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