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    Why? Because I wanted to.....

    A Dara Joy Matrix of Destiny fan story. Tired of waiting for the story of Traed ta'al Krue I decided to write my version since he seems to get a lot of crap and needs love and a future his own. Call it an obsession I've had over the years,a story I have spent way too much time working on that I decided to throw out there. I am expanding a bit on what I considered a good story in this series. (though I am a bit embarrassed admitting this. You may want to read some of her books in the Matrix of Destiny series,not sure if this will make sense without that. No disrespect to Dara Joy or her characters,forgive me but I couldn't let it go.
    Consider what if the Charl who is not Charl really is not meant to be Charl? A mistake from an eon ago ties two galaxies(Alliance and Realm) together though few even realize it,a bond that is now at an end. The story of an ancient Charl Knight and a warrior from the Realm echoes into the future as the last Warrior of Light begins her journey home.
    Dark and mysterious , Traed t'al Krue is about to meet his match and face a life he never imagined possible.
    Thus begins a new legend.