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    Sir Brad Colbert and his team of spies are called to France. Their mission: To foil a plot to poison Queen Elizabeth I.
    Sir Francis Walsingham needs their help as he negotiates a treaty between Catholics and Huguenots. A fragile peace bound by the unpopular wedding of Henri de Navarre and Marguerite de Valois. To do this, they must join the dysfunctional debauched court of the Valois and join forces with Nate Fick, undercover agent, court favorite and musician.
    Deception, desire and intrigue surround the team as they try to foil the plot against their Queen.
    What is the secret that binds Nate to his mistress, the volatile, yet alluring Margot? Can Charles IX hold on to his sanity long enough to keep his throne? And to what lengths will Catherine go to bring her favourite son, the vicious yet amorally charming Alexandre Edouard, Duc d'Anjou to the throne? The terrors of the Saint Bartholomew's Eve massacre await them all...
    As the aftermath of the killings horrify the court, the murders continue. No one is safe as more shocking secrets come out. Catherine de' Medici's long reign of horror and lies is finally exposed to all.
    Not least: The darkest, most terrifying Valois secret of all...



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