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    They share their 1st kiss a week before Xmas. Instigated by Edwin who then pulls away and immediately expresses his regret and confusion, Lucas dsnt believe it was a mistake and remains adamant that Ed feels the same but is unwilling to accept he is gay. 
    After Ed claims he's in love with Wiet at NYE, Luc confronts Ed at his home. In a perhaps misguided attempt to evoke the truth of his feelings, Luc kisses him. Ed pushes him away in anger claiming he dsnt want Luc. But Luc felt something else in that kiss and the other.
    Ed forces Luc to leave and conveys cruel words in the heat of the moment. Luc is deeply hurt. Ed slams the door in his face.
    –Cue Oneshot– 
    They havent spoken in over a week.
    Ed cant handle being close to Luc and Luc dsnt want salt rubbed in his wounds. But Ed's intense reaction –negative tho it was– suggests it must be emanating from a place of truth– of raw, undeniable emotion. 
    As Luc makes changes in his life moving forward –quit his job, become a club magnate, investing some of his recent inheritance with Bing– he decides to spruce up his own living space– his bedroom. He goes about revamping his sleeping quarters. In the meantime he stays in Amy's old bedroom.



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